(suomi) Maksuttomat paritanssituokiot eli Kaupunkitanssit pyörähtävät kesän 2016 osalta käyntiin maanantaina 30.5. Ensimmäinen opetustuokio pidetään Pikkuhuopalahdessa. Katso koko kesän ohjelma täältä!

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(suomi) Tanssiteatteri Tsuumin toukokuun uutiskirje on ilmestynyt. Aiheina muun muassa esitykset kesän festivaaleilla sekä pian alkavat kaupunkitanssit. Lue uutiskirje kokonaisuudessaan tästä!

Elämän (t)ehostajat – The Life Enhancers

Photo: Jukka Mäkinen

The developers of Y.C.H.I.A (You Can Have It All) method, the engineers of feelgood, will show you the way through the impossible to the possible. Are you interested in a fast track to spiritual and material success? This coffee room musical is a reasonably priced, unreasonably fast and mind-bogglingly efficient way to enhance your life.  Y.C.H.I.A will set your mind free and you can have IT ALL!

The performance is available for all kinds of events – business, private of festival!

Choreography, concept, music, dance, blender, egg timer, shaker, lecturing:
Reetta-Kaisa Iles & Tuomas Juntunen

Kuopio, 29.1.2016

Future performances:
Lapinlahden lähde, Helsinki sat 10.9.2016
Kiertoliike, Jyväskylä thu 22.9.2016


Our heritage


Our Heritage  is a raw and extremely charged stage work, the core of which being the human body and voice. The piece concentrates on age-old motherhood, its power and weakness, animalism and carnality.

This is not a story about the motherhood of today – how to combine work and family in everyday life – nor is it about being a victim, drowning in nappies, struggling with relationships.

It is a primitive shout-out to our foremothers, not forgetting the power and strength of motherhood.

We have stopped at the crossroads of past and present. There is a lot of talk about paternal legacy. But what do we, women, carry in our bodies and move forward to our children? Who owns the memories we carry unknowingly, and how do they affect the following generations?

The team has been studying the history of motherhood through literature, fine arts and academic research. They have also interviewed their mothers and grandmothers. The background themes of the music are in Finnish tradition, combining it boldly to the electric soundscapes of the present day. It is a multidisclipinary stage work, using sound, song, dance and spoken text to discuss taboos about motherhood.

Concept: Working group

On stage:
Musician Charlotta Hagfors
Choreographer-dancer Retta-Kaisa Iles
Actor Elsa Saisio

Skenography: Jaana Kurttila
Sound design: Vesa Norilo

Premiere of the piece is at Open Doors Theatre, Helsinki on November 2016

Performances Tue 15.11.,  Thu 24.11. and Wed 30.11. at 7 PM
Sat 21.1.2017 and Sun 22.1.2017 at 4 PM

Tickets: 25/23/19 eur Lippu.fi

meidän perintö kuva hanna koikkalainen
Photos: Hanna Koikkalainen

in co-operation with

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Quiet emotions

Two people, unknown to each other, nod, walk to the center of the hall, embrace each other, find a common rhythm, blend with each other, hover for a moment, share a dance, hide their feelings, nod again and part.

The work takes these charismatic performers into the heart of a Finnish couple dance, into communal celebration, where loneliness shouts its existence and quiet emotions discuss their own silent language.

Hiljaiset tunteet Kuva:Marko Mäkinen

Photo: Marko Mäkinen

Choreoghraphy: Reetta-Kaisa Iles
Dancers: Marjo Kuusela, Ervi Sirén, Reijo Kela, Alpo Aaltokoski
Music: Eero Grundsrtröm and Taito Hoffrén
Costume designer: Jaana Kurttila
Lights and scenography: William Iles

The premiere of Quiet emotions was at Full Moon Dance Festival on July 2015.

Performances at Helsinki 12.-14.2.2016.

Buy tickets here

Thanks to Finnish Cultural Foundation, National Council for Music, The Arts Council of North Savo.

Trailer by Teemu Kyytinen