Attic is a duet piece the themes of which revolve around time and relationships: the duration of a relationship, the shared time coming to a halt, and the difficulty of being just here. It’s a visual piece of dance theatre, with drama, passion and some seasoning humour. It is simultaneously bitter-sweet and touching, charming and serious.

Vintti MV kollaasi Kuvat Katarina Makvits

“How can anything take longer than the time? The couple is wondering this together and alone.

Have we been here for eternity? Is this going to end? The train is moving, but are we on board?

I’m tired of wondering. Can we just be? Asks the woman.

But where are we? Replies the man. On the way. Says the woman. Hold on! Let´s stop!

We cannot stop, we are forced to continue. Let´s just wonder, it is wonderful. Do not panic.

No, but could you be here, right now?

Here I am, I am.

I mean, present”

Vintti Kollaasi MV Kuvat Katarina Makvits

Paloniemi’s way of working combines contemporary dance theatre’s techniques and expressions with folk dance. Paloniemi is always looking for different kinds of motion and expression related ways to approach his works, and this makes Attic a memorable and touching show. The choreographer goes way back with the man behind the visuals and sounds of Attic, Janne Teivainen. This unique collaboration creates a work of art made from skillful dance combined with wonderful visuals.


Choreography: Matti Paloniemi

Visual design: Janne Teivainen

Dancers: Salla Korja, Samuli Nordberg

Composition and sound design: Janne Teivainen

Musicians on the audiotape:

Harri Topi, cello

Antti Raekallio, guitars and busuk

Janne Teivainen, piano

Carpet painter: Aura Angervo

Dress modifier: Elina Vättö, Maria Hämäläinen

The premiere of Attic was 12.4.2016 in Kouvola.

Duration of the piece is 35 minutes

Trailer: Kim Saarinen / Modomo Films

Photos of the performance at Flickr