Quiet emotions

Two people, unknown to each other, nod, walk to the center of the hall, embrace each other, find a common rhythm, blend with each other, hover for a moment, share a dance, hide their feelings, nod again and part.

The work takes these charismatic performers into the heart of a Finnish couple dance, into communal celebration, where loneliness shouts its existence and quiet emotions discuss their own silent language.

Hiljaiset tunteet Kuva:Marko Mäkinen

Photo: Marko Mäkinen

Choreoghraphy: Reetta-Kaisa Iles
Dancers: Marjo Kuusela, Ervi Sirén, Reijo Kela, Alpo Aaltokoski
Music: Eero Grundsrtröm and Taito Hoffrén
Costume designer: Jaana Kurttila
Lights and scenography: William Iles

The premiere of Quiet emotions was at Full Moon Dance Festival on July 2015.

Performances at Helsinki 12.-14.2.2016.

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Thanks to Finnish Cultural Foundation, National Council for Music, The Arts Council of North Savo.

Trailer by Teemu Kyytinen