Dancing at the World’s End

–  The Laboratory of Tradition Tent at the Helsinki Music Centre

In the lobby of the elegant, modern Music Centre stands a tent with simple benches and tattered canvas. You can hear folk music in this tent, trad tunes from Suistamo echo from it, mixed with the hypnotic sounds of an electronic bowed lyre and contemporary rock from Petrozavodsk.

Anne-Mari Kivimäki’s Suistamo series will reach its peak in the fifth concert, Dancing at the World’s End. The concert series forms part of Kivimäki’s Suistamo – The Laboratory of Tradition, which is her artistic doctoral research project at the Sibelius Academy. Choreographer Marjo Kuusela is the director of this tent event: she will bring her own strong artistic perspective to the Laboratory of Tradition, and incite the performers into a state fit for the world’s end.

Mailmanlopun-maanitus_1920x1080Photo: Marko Mäkinen

Kivimäki’s Notka accordions explore old Karelian melodies from accordionist Ilja Kotikallio – spending every night in a magic circle created by a new guest. What will this create?

“We are searching for a new atmosphere for people, one that crosses the boundaries of time and nations. We are searching for a way of thought that allows for respect between different individuals in this atmosphere, and at the same time is able to understand our global need for a good and dignified life.”

Performers: Eero Grundström, Reetta-Kaisa Iles, Tuomas Juntunen,  Anne-Mari Kivimäki, Pekko Käppi, Ville Rauhala, Liisa Ruuskanen, Timo Saari, Risto Ylihärsilä
Tsuumi Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre Minimi, Suistamo Electricity, Kivimäen Palomylly

Direction: Marjo Kuusela
Costumes: Jaana Kurttila
Set up: Janne Vasama
Sounds: Samuli Volanto

Performances and guest performers:
Sat 13.8. at 6 PM,  Juha Hurme
Sun 14.8. at 6 PM, Anastasia Trizna
Wed 17.8. at 6 PM,  Pauli Hanhiniemi
Thu 18.8. at 6 PM, Arto Rinne from Petrozavodsk, Unikko-lauluyhtye from Suojärvi
Sat 20.8. at 6 PM,  Reijo Kela, Kimmo Pohjonen
Sun 21.8. at 3 PM, Anastasia Trizna
Sun 21.8. at 6 PM,  Johanna Keinänen

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Anne-Mari Kivimäki

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