KAKE² – in the stardust

Tsuumi Dance Theatre’s full-length dance theatre piece KAKE² – in the stardust gives the audience an episode-like glimpse into our time and continues the story of the band called Kake. The energetic and nuance-rich performance grabs current topics by the horns and peeks shamelessly under the skirt of the Finnish Maiden. Kake band continues to trust the good old schlager music but this time squeezed through a press of punk. Sharp edges and human destinies are in the core of Kake. Kake to the second power.

On stage are members of the group Piramisu, Marccu, Kike de Kake, Foni-Åke, Raimo von Kake and the newest member of the band Pera77. The performance is an interesting mixture of dance, music, theatre and attitude.

Premiered in November 2017, KAKE² – in the stardust received a praising welcome from critics and audiences alike.

“The most remarkable difference (compared to any theatre performance) is above all how thoroughly thought through and history-aware every unrestrained movement and note is. And how well the performers manage to hold together the multiple themes with their bodies.” -Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

Direction and choreography: Matti Paloniemi
Music and sound design: Hannu Oskala
Costume design: Jaana Kurttila
Lighting and stage design: Janne Teivainen
Performers: Reetta-Kaisa Iles, Tuomas Juntunen, Sampo Kerola, Salla Korja-Paloniemi, Jarno Tastula, Janne Teivainen
Photos: Mikko Mäntyniemi
Trailers by: Kim Saarinen
Duration: ca. 65 min.
Not recommended for children under 12 years of age
Premiere 2.11.2017 at Alexander Theatre, Helsinki