Night of Duets – the 20th Anniversary Pre-Party


Wed 28.11. at 19.00 (Attic, Child in you video, Man and Woman.)
Thu 29.11. at 19.00 (Attic, Child in you video, Man and Woman.)
At Theatre Telakka, Tampere, Tullikamarin aukio 3

Attic is a duet piece the themes of which revolve around time and relationships: the duration of a relationship, the shared time coming to a halt, and the difficulty of being just here. It’s a visual piece of dance theatre, with drama, passion and some seasoning humour. It is simultaneously bitter-sweet and touching, charming and serious.

Choreographer Matti Paloniemi’s way of working combines contemporary dance, elements of theatre and elements of folk dance. Together with Janne Teivainen, who works as a visual designer of the piece, Paloniemi has created a strong and visual artwork interpreted by the artists of Tsuumi Dance Theatre.

– Demonstrations of basic things
How does it feel to be in a woman’s body? How about man’s?
What can you find behind the set up of relationship?
Is it possible to be naked?
Is it sexy to wear a national costume? Is a man sexy in it?

Choreography and performance by Reetta-Kaisa Iles and Tuomas Juntunen. Costumes by Jaana Kurttila, lighting design by Janne Teivainen.
Some scenes of the piece are not suitable for kids.

A dance video from the duet piece Rememberme

Choreography: Sampo Kerola
Music: Antti Paalanen
Dance: Salla Korja-Paloniemi, Sampo Kerola
Costume design: Suvi Matinaro

Director, Camera operator, Editor: Ulla Nikula
Music: Antti Paalanen feat Haaven
Performers: Salla Korja-Paloniemi, Sampo Kerola, Pihla Nikula

22€ / 18€ / 12€
The total duration ca. 1h 45min
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