HOMO SECUNDUS – The revenge of Marx

Homo Secundus is physical theatre with humoristic social conscience. It contains serious criticism of the prevailing conditions as well as seeds for radical thinking.

This work of fiction is set in a troubled suburb, at the cutting edge of the fashion world, in a bird hide, and in collective surreal dreams.

Home Secundus is a wordplay, whose meaning refers either to a new and improved version of Man or, alternatively, to a deficient second-rate citizen. The subtitle Marx’s revenge, on the other hand, recalls Karl Marx’s disavowal of Communism, which he had helped create, and his prediction of the Soviet regime’s ultimate destruction, as well as Marx’s admiration of the United States, and his plan to emigrate there.

Directed by: Teemu Mäki
Screenplay: Miko Kivinen, Teemu Mäki
Choreography: Riikka Puumalainen
Sound Designer: Antti Mäkelä (Puumalainen)
Music: Kuolio and Antti Mäkelä (Puumalainen)
Lighting Designer: Nadja Räikkä
Costume Designer: Mirkka Nyrhinen
Cast: Miko Kivinen, Salla Korja-Paloniemi, Marja Myllylä, Riikka Puumalainen, Tanjalotta Räikkä
Production: Tsuumi Dance Theatre, Theatre Telakka, Dance Theatre Minimi
Age recommendation 13 +

Next performances are at Helsinki, Koko theatre (Hämeentie 3) 12.-18.8.2020
Tickets are available at Tiketti