The dance continues where the words of the song end, and the movement tells the story of a universal feeling.

Buoy focuses its gaze on the contact points of three different song forms, hymns, old schlagers and folk tunes, and then collides with contemporary dance and modern art concept. The piety within the hymns can be moved into motion and the stage dance can fly near to the cosmos. In the songs we on one hand sense a deep longing, on the other hand kind of a hope, joy and love. Poiju paints a living picture from the very first cry of a human being until his last look.

Behind the performance are the choreographer-director Ari Numminen and the composer-musician Petri Tiainen, who already have done several theatre productions together. The co-operation between Numminen and Tsuumi Dance Theatre began in 2000.

Choreography and direction: Ari Numminen
Music: Petri Tiainen
Costume design: Kati Mantere
Lighting design: Janne Teivainen
On the stage: Reetta-Kaisa IlesTuomas JuntunenSalla Korja-PaloniemiTimo SaariPetri Tiainen
Production: Tsuumi Dance Theatre, KokoTeatteri

Premiere 16.11.2019 at KokoTeatteri, Helsinki