Heads You’ll go, Tails I’ll stay

Dance theatre piece for a woman, a man, a musician and a living room.

This is the starting point: there’s a couple, lots of music, a living room and the tensions between them all – especially between the couple. This piece of dance theatre focuses on the inner movements familiar to us all: loneliness, dreams and fears, realising your own boundaries and giving them up. Perhaps it’s all about love – the different actions and emotions surrounding it.

Several Finnish poems are essential to this piece. The poems are lyrics for songs, dialogue between the performers and an integral element in it’s own right.


Duration: approx. 45 minutes


Choreography: Hanna Korhonen
Performers: Hanna Korhonen, Tero Koponen and Topi Korhonen
Composer and music: Topi Korhonen
Costumes and set design: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
Light design: Niko Kurola
Graphic design: Ville Tiihonen
Photos: Marko Mäkinen
Production: Dance Theatre Tsuumi and the working group


KUOPIO 16.1.2013 klo

PIEKSÄMÄKI 17.1.2013
Kulttuurikeskus Poleeni

Hämeenlinna City Theatre

Premiere 25.11.2011
Valssaamo, The Cable Factory (Tallberginkatu 1B, Helsinki)
Performances: 28.11., 29.11., 1.12., 2.12., 4.12., 5.12., 7.12. and 8.12.