Dancing in the City

From 2015, Tsuumi has been teaching regular, free “partner dancing” sessions throughout the summer with the name Kaupunkitanssit (“Dancing in the City”).

These sessions take place all around Helsinki and Espoo. Anyone can join the sessions without registration. The teaching happens in Finnish, but it’s possible to join without speaking the language.

The first sessions of the year 2021 will be held in  June! You can find the dates and places soon here.


Tsuumi Dance Theatre offers different kinds of  workshops and dance lessons for professional dancers, dance students and dance enthusiasts.

The latest international worksops by Tsuumi Dance Theatre are for excample contemporary folk dance lessons at Kedja Mariehamn,  workshops in choreography at scool of dance and circus (DOCH) in Sweden, workshops in choreography and dance at Tallinn.

Tsuumi Dance Theatre is also having regular FolkJam -lessons. You can find more information of them from here.

Contact us +358 44 745 4454 or info(a)tsuumi.com