Joutomiehiä is a performance in which the dancers of Tsuumi collaborate with Katriina Honkanen and the Tulilintu ensemble. The performance includes strong rhythms as well as emotional ballads performed by four dancers and six musicians.

The name “Joutomiehiä” is a reference to Finnish vagrants from the early 19th century. The story is brought to life by a narrator who transports the viewers to the times and lives of the vagrants. The music is from Katriina Honkanen and the Tulilintu ensemble’s album and the show also has songs from Honkanen’s first long play “Rosvot”.



Friday 25.10.2013 Savoy Theatre, Helsinki


Choreography: Petri Kauppinen
Director: Katriina Honkanen
Music and lyrics: Katriina Honkanen and the Tulilintu ensemble

Hanna Korhonen
Salla Korja-Paloniemi
Tuomas Mikkola
Sami Paasila

Tulilintu Ensemble:
Katriina Honkanen – acoustic guitar and vocals
Olli Kari – accordion and vocals
Kukka Lehto – violin, mandolin and vocals
Ricardo Padilla – percussion instruments
Sara Puljula – contrabass and vocals
Ilkka Tenhunen – electric and acoustic guitar

Duration approx. 60 min

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