Elämän (t)ehostajat – The Life Enhancers

Photo: Jukka Mäkinen

The developers of Y.C.H.I.A (You Can Have It All) method, the engineers of feelgood, will show you the way through the impossible to the possible. Are you interested in a fast track to spiritual and material success? This coffee room musical is a reasonably priced, unreasonably fast and mind-bogglingly efficient way to enhance your life.  Y.C.H.I.A will set your mind free and you can have IT ALL!

The performance is available for all kinds of events – business, private of festival!

Choreography, concept, music, dance, blender, egg timer, shaker, lecturing:
Reetta-Kaisa Iles & Tuomas Juntunen

Kuopio, 29.1.2016

Future performances:
Lapinlahden lähde, Helsinki sat 10.9.2016
Kiertoliike, Jyväskylä thu 22.9.2016