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A Couple of Humans tanssiteos

A Couple of humans is a performance that combines physical and visual theater, reflecting on humanity from the perspectives of encounter, communication, and interaction.

It is important to pay attention to the most important things first. Other people’s actions are often the most important. Relationships between people determine the form and structure of society from the grass-roots level. On the other hand, detection and identification are uncertain; people can be our best friends or our worst enemies. By default, people are to blame for everything.

So who am I? Who are we together?

The theme of the performance is interaction between human beings. The original idea for the piece was born during the first months of corona virus pandemic, when all human contacts were forced to the minimum. The choreographer of the piece, Riikka Puumalainen, started to think about how social interaction between people works in an environment that has become digital, and how this lack of contact is reflected in intimate relationships or people who live without them.

Duration: 45 min

Production team

Concept: Riikka Puumalainen & Antti Puumalainen
Choreography: Riikka Puumalainen
Sound design: Antti Puumalainen
Video and lightning design: Tiiti Hynninen
Costume design: Mirkka Nyrhinen
Photos: Petra Tiihonen

Production: Tsuumi Dance Theatre, JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, ACOH production team. In co-operation with Pirkanmaa Dance Centre

For presenters

This performance is available for touring. Download dossier for detailed information.

More information about the Edinburgh Fringe performance can be found here.

PR-agency at Edinburg Festival Fringe

Riikka Puumalainen
Artistic Director of Tsuumi Dance Theatre
+358 50 376 4824