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Tanssiteatteri Tsuumi, Tanssiteatteri Helsingissä

Attic is a duet piece the themes of which revolve around time and relationships. It examines the duration of a relationship, the shared time coming to a halt, and the difficulty of being just here. As well as it explores the time it self – how it sometimes speeds up und sometimes stops almost completely.

Attic is a visual dance theatre work, with drama, passion and some seasoning humour. It is simultaneously bitter-sweet and touching, charming and serious.

Choreographer Matti Paloniemi’s way of working combines contemporary dance, dance theater and contemporary folk dance. Together with Janne Teivainen, who works as a visual designer, Paloniemi has created a strong, visual piece of art, which is interpreted by the artists of Tsuumi Dance Theatre.

Duration: 35 minutes

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Production team

Choreography: Matti Paloniemi
Visual design, composition and sound design: Janne Teivainen
Performers: Salla Korja, Samuli Nordberg
Musicians on audio tape:
Harri Topi, cello
Antti Raekallio, quitars and busuki
Janne Teivainen, piano
Painting of the carpet: Aura Angervo
Costumes: Elina Vättö, Maria Hämäläinen
Photos: Katarina Makvits
Trailer: Kim Saarinen / Modomo Films

For presenters

This performance is available for touring
Find the techical requirements of the piece here

Salla Korja
+358 40 588 0011