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Attic is Matti Paloniemi’s choreography for two dancers reflecting on time and relationships. The work examines duration of a relationship, stopping of time and difficulty of being present. The piece is touching, delightful and serious at the same time.

Choreographer Matti Paloniemi’s way of working combines contemporary dance, dance theater and contemporary folk dance. Together with Janne Teivainen, who works as a visual designer, Paloniemi has created a strong, visual and dance-theatrical work of art, which is interpreted by the artists of Tsuumi Dance Theatre.

Duration: 35 minutes

Production team

Choreography: Matti Paloniemi
Visual design, composition and sound design: Janne Teivainen
Performers: Salla Korja, Samuli Nordberg
Musicians on audio tape:
Harri Topi, cello
Antti Raekallio, quitars and busuki
Janne Teivainen, piano
Painting of the carpet: Aura Angervo
Costumes: Elina Vättö, Maria Hämäläinen
Photos: Katarina Makvits
Trailer: Kim Saarinen / Modomo Films