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DANCE PROHIBITION is a performance about the culture of prohibition. It is a manifesto for citizens’ right to dance freely where, when and how they want.

By a decision of the Ministry of the Interior, Finland was banned from dancing at public events in December 1939. It was feared to degrade morale, lower the will to fight and increase the use of intoxicants. However, dancing could not be prevented and the best celebrations sank underground, out of sight of the authorities.

Behind the darkened windows, there was sweating as the music raged, dancers ready to escape with the gramophone in the armpit. The police were allowed to use force if necessary. History knows of two cases in which a bullet hit fatally a fleeing dancer.

If Dancing is a crime, we can be arrested. These are the best celebrations of the century, everyone is welcome!

Duration: 1,5 hours including intermission.

This performance is available for touring.

Production team

Direction: Antti Lahti
Script and choreography: Antti Lahti and the working group
Lighting design: Juho Itkonen
Costume design: Taina Natunen
Set design: Sari Paljakka
Sound design: Antti Puumalainen

Performers: Reetta-Kaisa Iles, Tuomas Juntunen, Sampo Kerola, Salla Korja, Riikka Puumalainen (Tsuumi Dance Theatre), Anni Horsmanheimo, Mika Juusela, Virva Torkko (Dance Theatre Minimi)

DANCE PROHIBITION is originally a co-production between Tsuumi Dance TheatreDance Theatre Minimi and Kuopio City Theatre. The premiere of the piece was on September 30th 2020  at Alexander theatre, Helsinki, Finland.