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Linnanjuhlat - esitys - pikkujoulut - Helsinki - kuva: Mikko Mantyniemi

Linnajuhlat is an experiential performance based on the iconic Presidential Palace’s Independence Day celebrations, which combines theater, dance, party fun and taste experiences. Finally, everyone who wants to get an invitation!

Linnajuhlat is a catering proposal: one possible way to organize a festive reception at the Presidential Palace. The surprising cocktail of pouting and extravagant dancing invites us to take a peek at the personality efforts of the individual of the 2020s. Do you want to be a nobody or a celebrity? Now you have the opportunity to choose yourself. Borrow the merit badges you want and throw yourself into the carnival with the performers, where good and bad taste finally make an alliance.

Among other things, there is a magical party presentation on the topic ”Now it’s true! You can eat the cake and save it as well” and a status clinic that renews personal merits according to your wishes. Of course, a selection of the most popular etiquette mistakes, a horribly annoying party katrilli and epic afterparties!

The format of the Linnanjuhlat performance adapts to the course of the traditional President’s independence day festivities – freely applied! There is no grandstand or table seats in the party venue, but guests follow the events freely by being in the space, participating and watching – thus socializing while standing in the style of a real independence day party. During the performance, there is also time for free socializing and spending the evening with other party guests and your own party. The show has engaging parts, but you can also enjoy the show just by watching it.

During the evening and during the breaks of the performance, cocktail-style party food is enjoyed from the buffet table. The evening’s menu is inspired by the traditional serving of the Independence Day reception. The bar is open throughout the show and you can buy refreshments there during the evening.

After booking the ticket, you will receive an official invitation with instructions for the evening. For this party you can’t be overdressed! Come with an open mind ready to be surprised!

Duration of the performance: 2,5 h
Age recommendation: 12
Language: Finnish. It is possible to follow the show without speaking Finnish

Food & drinks

The menu is cocktail-style and buffet-style. Please inform us of special diets in advance by email: linnanjuhlat@tsuumi.com.

The bar is open throughout the show and you can buy drinks there during the evening. Drink tickets can be ordered in advance from linnanjuhlat@tsuumi.com


Linnanjuhlat will be experienced again in the 2023 Christmas season. In the center of Helsinki, in the ballroom of Hotel Arthur at Vuorikatu 17, HKI

Tickets: Individual tickets are on sale through TIKETTI for 87.50 euros / each

Group sales: for groups of more than 10 people, group tickets at the price of 79 euros / each

Inquiries and group bookings: linnanjuhlat@tsuumi.com

Working group

Directed by: Johanna Keinänen
Choreography: Liisa Ruuskanen and team
Script: Johanna Keinänen and the work group
Concept: Liisa Ruuskanen
Visual design: Mirkka Nyrhinen
Technical design: Veli-Matti Timoskainen
Composed music and arrangements: Tatu Kemppainen
Performers: Noomi Forslund, Tuomas Juntunen, Sampo Kerola, Salla Korja, Iiro Näkki, Riikka Puumalainen, Laura Rämä, Tuovi Rantanen, Touko Kemppainen
Photos: Mikko Mäntyniemi, Olli Nurminen
Trailer: Kim Saarinen and Vira Alhoniemi/ Modomo Films
Production: Dance Theater Tsuumi and Dance Theater Minimi

Included in the original performer list: Jussi Väänänen


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