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The dance continues where the words of the song end, and the movement tells the story of a universal feeling.

Buoy is a retreat on stage that has emerged from the intersections of old Finnish schlager and folk tunes and fused them into a modern stage work. With the help of music and dance Buoy describes the fleeting short poetic moments. Buoy is a small fresco of encounters, memories, nostalgia and autumn. In the songs a deep longing can be heard and felt, and on the other hand there is also some kind of hope, joy and love for existence.

Buoy as a name contains the idea that a person naturally longs for something to grab and hold on to, and thus the name reflects the starting idea of the entire work. Buoy paints a vivid picture between a person’s first birth cry and their last look.

Premiere was 16.11.2019, KokoTeatteri, Helsinki

Duration: app. 50 min

Buoy is the choreography work of Ari Numminen, who culminated Tsuumi Dance Theatre’s 20th anniversary in 2019. Behind the work are choreographer-director Ari Numminen and composer Petri Tiainen, who have worked together on several theater productions. Tsuumi Dance Theatre’s collaboration with Numminen, on the other hand, started already in 2000 and has continued over the years for seven works. After a break of a few years, in honor of Tsuumi Dance Theatre’s 20th anniversary, Tsuumi Dance Theatre and Ari Numminen once again embarked on a co-operation and exploration of a joint stage work. In 2023, Poiju will return to the stage at Tanssin Talo in joint double nights with Carl Knif Company’s piece Kaksivärinen Fuuga.

Working group

Choreography and direction: Ari Numminen
Music and sound design: Petri Tiainen, working group
Costume design: Kati Autere
Stage design: Kati Autere, Janne Teivainen
Lighting design: Janne Teivainen
Performers: Reetta-Kaisa Iles, Tuomas Juntunen, Salla Korja, Timo Saari, Petri Tiainen
Production: Tsuumi Dance Theatre, KokoTeatteri