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We called her Bertha is a hypnotic stage work performed by two dancers and a double bassist. The work is based on the moving unison of female figures dressed in huge skirts, where bodily metamorphosis transports the viewer in time from youth to old age, from memories to dreams. In the picturesque work, in the hinterland of the mind, hopes become reality, landscapes are distorted, and the passage of time is unpredictable.

The work, which is impressive in its visuals, is designed for tours and relatively simple to implement in a wide range of stage spaces.

The choreographers of the work are long-standing dance artists who draw their inspiration from Finnish folk tradition, combining this knowledge with contemporary dance. We called her Bertha’s work is far from folk, but the rhythm of the dancers’ feet is based on the Karelian dance tradition, giving the work a very distinctive atmosphere. Double bassist Ville Rauhala is well known in the fields of  folk music and free jazz. Over the years, Tsuumi Dance theatre has developed a completely unique and bold cross-genre style that can be proudly presented to an international audience.

Duration: 45 minutes

This performance is available for touring.

Production team

Performers: Johanna Elovaara, Reetta-Kaisa Iles, Ville Rauhala
Choreography: Johanna Elovaara, Reetta-Kaisa Iles
Music: Ville Rauhala
Costume design: 
Mirkka Nyrhinen
Lighting design:
 Janne Teivainen
Photos: Mortti Saarnia & Kim Saarinen

Production: Tsuumi Dance Theatre and the production group

Upcoming performances

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